"Give them what they never knew they wanted."

-Diana Vreeland

Humans fascinate me. Furthermore, humans interacting with other humans fascinates me. Our relationships with one another are a deep and vital component to the human experience, and I believe those relationships should be of the utmost importance, both to photograph, and to celebrate in general. I strive to capture people as organically as possible, all of the perks and quirks that make us all so unique. Furthermore, I strive to capture your wedding story as it truly happens, even some things that you may not have even noticed. I believe photos are not just meant to be looked at; they're moments to be experienced, and re-experienced. 50 years from now I want your photos to flood you with the same emotion that they did when you first saw them.
While I call myself a Grand Rapids photographer, I've been blessed with opportunities to shoot all over North America; from Spokane to Miami; Sedona to Pittsburgh; Copper Mountain to Punta Cana- to me, there's nowhere I won't go to photograph what you need.

With five 5 years’ worth of experience and over 100 weddings photographed, the role as photographer is one I do not take lightly; it’s an honor to be welcomed in to peoples’ love stories, and I see it as my mission to not only photograph, but also uplift and help celebrate what you hold dear.

Apart from taking photos, a little more about me: I was born and raised in Grand Ledge, Michigan, and after bouncing around a bit after college I finally settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I currently reside. I love being outdoors under any circumstance, whether that's snowboarding, a day hike, or a stroll around Lake Michigan. I love aw denim, dad jokes, and fires in the fireplace. I own a 1976 Honda CB 550 cafe racer motorcycle, and it's my absolute pride and joy. My first job was at Chipotle during high school, and I still passionately pledge allegiance to their delicious burritos. I grew up playing soccer since I was 5, and will gladly scream my face off at the TV during the World Cup. My favorite musical artists I always return to are Kings of Leon, The National, and Noah Gundersen. 

No matter your race, skin color, orientation, whatever: I invite you to trust me with your love. Because it matters. 

My past clients have said some kind and accurate things about what it’s like to work with me; read about their experience at Affirmation, Wedding Wire, and The Knot.