Michael & Ashley /// Zeeland, MI

Michael and Ashley were married on the beautiful lawn of District 5 Schoolhouse; a schoolhouse, turned restaurant, turned wedding venue, with its establishment dating back to the early 1900's. 
Everything between photos on Lake Michigan, to climbing up bell towers, to family tradition dances on the dance floor; this day was absolutely lovely. 

Huge congratulations to you both, Michael & Ashley! 

Seth & Jaclyn /// Rockwall, TX

I had never been to Texas until Seth and Jaclyn asked me to come document their wedding day in late April of 2017. Their wedding was held on the beautiful once-horse-farm location that is Summerfield Tate Farms in Rockwall, Texas. Even though the forecast called for shady skies and chilly winds, the warmth of who was being celebrated could not be quenched. The day ended in a fantastic (and unforeseen) sunset so big that it reached across the entire Texas skyline; a sky lit on fire was the perfect way to end this unforgettable day. 

Seth & Jaclyn, it was such an honor to capture the happiest day of your life, and to celebrate alongside you. Thank you for trusting me with every important and cherished moment, and I wish you the HAPPIEST of days ahead! 

Carrie Burch (Stitch Folks) /// Grand Rapids, MI

Carrie and I have quickly become very good friends while working in the same collective work space in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Carrie runs a business of creative beautiful stitch portraits, and she recently was interviewed by Koel Magazine about her amazing work. It was an honor, and lots of fun, photographing her and her workspace where she creates her magic. 
The full interview will be live soon, stay tuned! 

Stephen & Colby - Engaged /// Pittsburgh, PA

Stephen & Colby's story is one of romantic serendipity; the two actually were roommates in a house of four in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Romantic feelings grew, but the two promised that no action would be taken on their relationship while they were roommates.
Naturally, life progressed and their relationship grew and grew; and now we're here. 
It was a blast getting to explore Stephen & Colby's home city, and be a witness to places that hold distinct memories of the maturation of their relationship. 
Their wedding in September can't come soon enough. 
Love you guys so much! 

Scott & Brooklin /// Spokane, WA

I've know Scott and Brooklin for a few short years now. When they asked me to shoot their wedding in Spokane, WA I was absolutely floored. When you have to privilege of photographing a couple on their wedding day, you get to experience their love first-hand; days, months, years, producing a love and bond that gets to be deemed official on one sacred day. 

This whole day was one big celebration of that love that has been built for years. Friends and family traveled hundreds of miles to experience Scott and Brooklin become one. Tears were often. Laughs were frequent. Not one single moment taken for granted.

Thank you, Scott and Brooklin, for letting me be apart of your big day. 

Hamidou & Christina /// West Palm Beach, FL

If there's one thing I'll remember from this day, it is the joy of everyone in attendance. While Christina's family is from Florida, Hamidou's family is from Tunisia. A lot of his family members had never been to America until this sacred day. They couldn't help but spontaneously holler and cheer throughout the whole ceremony, both as a cultural custom and out of sheer joy. As an outcome, this exclamation of joy was spread throughout all of the guests, and seemed to last the whole day: easily one of the most joyous ceremonies (and weddings) I've been apart of, and one I will not soon forget. 

Many congrats to you both, Hamidou and Christina! Blessings. 

Tom & Bekah /// Grand Rapids, MI

When I remember this day, one word immediately comes to mind and rigidly stays put: cold. This had to have been one of the coldest days in all of winter this year, but it only miraculously added to the magic of Tom & Bekah's wedding day. These two had the funnest and most relaxed spirit. Now that all of our toes have finally thawed out (no doubt mine haven't until now), it's amazing to look back at this beautiful day, and all of the beautiful people who made it happen. 
Dearest congratulations to you, Tom & Bekah! 

Conner & Betsy - Engaged /// Grand Rapids, MI

It would be a corny thing to say that I've known Conner my entire life because he is, in fact, my cousin! Our whole family has always been expectantly excited to meet the girl Conner would be with, and Betsy exceeded all of our ideas. These two have such a strong bond and genuine care for one another, layered with heavy doses of laughter at random times. I had such a blast celebrating and capture their love. All the love to you both! xx

Jake & Emily /// Grand Rapids, MI

I was most honored to capture Jake and Emily as they anticipate their wedding in September of this year. Though living miles apart the majority of their relationship, these two have kept a strong bond. Finally together in the same city, their anticipation for union is so totally seen through their organic interactions. To be able to witness it in action was such a blessing.
The dearest of congratulations to you both, and I personally can not wait until your wedding! 

Ross & Brook - Engaged /// Grand Ledge, MI

I've come to the point in my life when the people I grew up with find the love of their life to spend the rest of their days with. It's a surreal yet extremely beautiful feeling, and one I got to experience while photographing Brook and Ross. I've known Brook since middle school, and it was amazing to see her laugh with someone as much as Ross; seriously, this whole shoot was a whole bunch of LAUGHING. Amazing. Y'all are beautiful, truly. 
MAJOR congratulations to you both! 

Kyle & Susan - Engaged /// Holland, MI

From the first time meeting them for coffee, I knew Kyle and Susan were going to be a blast to work with. On this chilly November evening we took to Riley Trails in Holland, Michigan to capture their engagement photos. We were blessed with lovely sunlight the entire time. As if they couldn't get cool enough, they surprised me with a shared bottle of Founders seasonal IPA to top off the evening. 
Kyle and Susan, y'all are such a treasure. 2018 can't come quite soon enough! 

Mitch & Molly - Engaged /// Caledonia, MI

At one time, Mitch and I slept in the same room and binge-watched How I Met Your Mother every day after class while eating ramen.
And now I got to shoot his engagement photos, and wedding next summer, with the love of his life.
Life, man. 'Tis crazy.

Love you both dearly! 

Greg & Sarah - Engaged /// East Lansing, MI

Greg and Sarah truly display what it looks like for love to be an adventure. Both of them world travelers, always constantly seeking the next destination (let alone getting engaged in Indonesia); Greg and Sarah are true companions. Taking their photos in the brisk autumn leaves of East Lansing, Michigan was a gorgeous time, especially with as vibrant of colors as East Lansing is known for in the fall. 
Greg and Sarah, you guys are such a blast; can't wait for you wedding next summer! 

Jake & Mary /// Chattanooga, TN

I was incredibly honored to be able to travel down to Chattanooga, Tennessee to photograph newly-engaged Jake and Mary. These two are extremely free-spirited, and love each other with that same kind of freedom. Roaming downtown Chattanooga, we found the best spots that embody their vibe as a couple (and some awesome sunsets, to boot).
Jake and Mary, you two are so very dear to me. Your wedding next year is about to be the TOPS. 

Matt & Bekah /// Ann Arbor, MI

Matt and Bekah. Where to begin.
These two emulate a companionship that everyone wishes to attain in their lifetime. These two are the best of friends, and the fiercest of lovers. Capturing their day on the farmhouse that Bekah grew up on in Ann Arbor, Michigan was an emotional experience. These two were surrounded by people who have walked with them through every season of life imaginable, and it was beautiful to see those same people gathered around them on the happiest day of their lives. 
Matt & Bekah, you two are beautiful. Never stop loving, never stop exploring.