Mike McNabb /// Senior (Grand Rapids, MI)

The best word to describe Mike's senior shoot is "serendipitous": while looking for spots in Grand Rapids, Michigan to shoot at, we came across an awesome spot that had extreme green overgrowth along Wealthy Street. Our presence was making a dog bark behind the fence, so the owner came to see what was going on. When we explained our presence there, he said "Oh, you should come in my back yard! I've got some great spots to shoot in!" ...Uh, ok? A little hesitant, we walked through the gate into his backyard- and we were AMAZED. The best way to describe this guy's backyard is to imagine the kingdom the Lost Boys had built in Robin Williams' movie Hook. And it was MAGICAL.
Mike was so fun not only to shoot with, but to get to know as well. I'm so thankful he trusted me with different sceneries and backdrops for his pictures- that alone is a total honor. 

You rule Mikey! Enjoy your senior year!