Stephen & Colby /// Pittsburgh, PA

Stephen & Colby's love story is an unforeseen yet entirely romantic. Both having just moved to Pittsburgh some time ago, the two of them actually were roommates in the same house, allowing them to establish a firm friendship. However, as time went on their careers took off, and their friendship started to set ablaze. Even while living in two different states for a season, their relationship still held fast and firm. Both Colby and Stephen are experts in their field, with Stephen being a top enterprise sports writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Colby carrying her PhD into Human Resource Science. 

The easy decision for the two was to be married in the city that brought them together. With family and friends flying in from all of the country (even as far as California), the two were married in the whimsical Pittsburgh Children's Museum, a place dedicated to the life and work of Fred Rogers from the PBS television show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. These two hold a dear place in my heart, and it was a true privilege to be invited to document the happiest day of their lives. I wish y'all nothing but the best and all the love in the world in such a glorious city as Pittsburgh!