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“I highly recommend working with Spencer!! Following our initial outreach about his availability, he was prompt with follow up and provided a really thorough overview of his approach and scope of services. During negotiations he was candid, flexible, and took time to build a genuine and comfortable rapport with us. Heading into the day, I was supremely confident that he understood our needs and would honor our preferences.

One more note on the business side of things, then I’ll get to my feelings about his work. The ease of signing our contract, managing deadlines, and remitting payments through a single platform was exceptional. Spencer is extremely professional and has leveraged technology to keep things clear and streamlined.

Back to the photos...the depth of the photos is spectacular. As advertised, Spencer’s style is incredibly rich, photojournalistic, beautifully composed. We were married at a vineyard in September. He vividly captured our incredibly lush setting, our tremendous joy, and many small and now-treasured glimpses of those who joined us for this celebration. My highest endorsement is this: when I look at our photos, I see what hoped I would see. Two elated, open-hearted, grateful individuals, wide-eyed and surround by love. I can feel the energy of the day each time I flip through our wedding photo site and I feel strongly that this is because the person who captured these images was truly present to the experience.”



"When I was planning our wedding, I initially hired a local New York photographer whom I thought would be a good fit. Photography was something very important to us, so I wanted to make sure I booked in advance. This photographer had great reviews, I liked her style, and other people referred her to me. Long story short, it turned out to be a very negative experience that left me in tears, and I was without a photographer 4 months before the wedding.

Then, we were lucky enough to find Spencer. When he heard our story, he responded right away and told us he was available to travel. I never thought that we would find someone within budget that we liked, less than 4 months before the wedding. Let me tell you, we don't just like Spencer, we love Spencer! His work is BEAUTIFUL, it speaks for itself, and he was exactly what we were looking for. I was worried about the long distance, but he kept in contact with me regularly, unlike our local ex-photographer, cough cough. When we finally met, Spencer felt more like a friend than a stranger. My entire bridal party loved him. He was easy to work with, and made all of us comfortable. He's professional, and always willing to bounce ideas back and forth. He was very flexible, resourceful, and worked well under pressure. Our getting ready shots were in a hotel. Unfortunately, there weren't any scenic places outside to take first look and group shots. Spencer arrived early, scouted the area, and found beautiful locations within the hotel for all of those shots. He visualized the first look shots in a small hallway/corridor near the elevators with windows. I never would have thought to do the photos there- and everything came out perfect. He's a natural. He definitely has an eye for this stuff and he was open to all of our ideas. You can throw anything at him and he's willing to try it. I couldn't have been happier.

I like to believe that everything in this life happens for a reason, even the small stuff. After all that is said and done I would go through the headache of our first experience all over again, because it led us to Spencer!”